every year

12 million tonnes of plastic

are dumped in the ocean.


Across UK beaches to Antarctica, to the deepest place
in our oceans.

Our mission on sustainability 

Start with a bathroom essential

You can support and join the movement for a more eco-friendly, zero-waste future.


 We want to help you steer away from disposable beauty products and encourage everyone to adopt good habits in reducing waste.

Our range has been selected to respond to the demand for responsible living without compromising on sustainable materials that won't impact our planet, bamboo for its biodegradable quality, Brass and zinc alloy for its durability.


Why choose Bamboo ?

The idea of our company is to use quality and sustainable Moso Bamboo to create a toothbrush that is biodegradable and compostable and therefore kind to the planet.

Untitled design (14).png

 Bamboo is biodegradable

Bamboo is a grass plant that can grow as fast as 1 meter a day. It is a good substitute for wood, letting the forest replenish.
It absorbs 35% of Oxygen and releases CO2, just like a tree would.
Moso Bamboo is naturally kind to the wildlife, Panda won't eat it.
It produces minimum waste, no pesticide needed either.
Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial.

About Durability 

Our safety razors are engineered for their ability to be reused, built with

high-quality materials that could last a lifetime. 

Timeless design

Our range of safety razors are designed for their comfort and elegance that will encourage zero waste living. 

The bamboo handle feels organic and natural to use.

The brass handle is weighted to allow a smooth flowing shave.

The head of the safety razor is built with a zinc alloy that won't rust but last.